As the name suggests, the Combo Bot combines different trading strategies to maximize returns. Thuswise, it uses the GRID strategy to profit from every market move and DCA to optimize the entry price. TokenTact doesn’t offer a сrypto arbitrage trading bot at the moment—we used to and maybe will in the future. But for now, we have several other options that can become powerful additions to your trading strategy. In summary, arbitrage is profitable for those who are the fastest to spot an inefficiency or discrepancy. And since the speed is at stake, traders obviously write bots to be quicker than others. is the closest competitor with 17 exchanges, while TokenTact offers 15 exchanges and TokenTact only has 12 exchanges. TokenTact provides pre-formulated action plans that have already undergone testing. Based on the results it provides, users can choose these plans instead of formulating their own. In this TokenTact review, you will learn how this app works, its best features, pricing, and how to get the best out of it for our trades. This pricing model is similar to that of most competing platforms, although there is no free tier.

In April 2023, the trading volume of the NASDAQ-listed Coinbase group slipped to $26.8 billion (Pic. 2), the lowest it’s been in 16 months. The group’s shares have fallen by 17%, with diminishing hope for a quick recovery following a disappointing 2022. Additionally, a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into potential securities law violations has added to the challenges. The user interface is intuitive and ideal for anyone aiming to explore crypto beyond the basics. Log in to your TokenTact account and go to the My Exchanges page, where you can find an option to connect your Gemini account. Give your API key any name (it is your personal choice), so you can easily understand that this key is connected to your TokenTact account.


Additionally, market makers or risk managers may benefit from the information presented in this article. These professions require some menial processes that are often automated, such as dollar cost averaging (DCA). TokenTact lets you try the automatic trading bot for free to see the features in live-action.

The strategy allows you to profit even if you aren’t well-versed in technical analysis, which is a huge advantage for a novice. Finally, it’s been tested, used, and proven reliable and efficient by both institutional and retail investors. A stop loss is basically telling the exchange to sell if the price hits a certain point. You set the stop price where you want the selling to start, then the sell price where you actually unload your position. Say you put in $100 of your own greenbacks for a 10x leveraged bitcoin long position.

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  • During the trailing, the system continuously monitors prices, max/min values, and the difference between the fixed and current prices.
  • TradeSanta also offers extra orders, martingale, purchases of coins for commissions, and other TradeSanta features.

If a new coin is added to your available balance, then you will need to go back to your Coinbase Advanced account and edit the permission of your API key. In case you have all of the coins listed in the permissions section, then click the [all] button. To create a new API key, please click the [New API Key] button on the API tab. For technical aficionados, developed something very special — the Technicals widget, available at the same [Trading] tab, at the bottom of the interface, below the Order book.

The registration process can be completed by entering your email ID and setting your password. You will only be required to confirm your email ID to finish the setup. If so, you’ll have several plans to choose from – both free and paid-for. No account information and sensitive data is transmitted outside the company network, or to any third parties. When trusting any service with your money, you have to be extra cautious in ensuring that your capital is in safe hands.

This is one of TokenTact and TradingView’s best advantages, considering that crypto markets are extremely time-sensitive. Just open the TokenTact app in your browser and start charting and trading at the best possible price and opportunity. Over the years, the trading world has concocted a smorgasbord of strategies and tactics, letting traders profit in ways that suit their tastes. Eager crypto traders were quick to adopt these techniques for their own gain, blending strategies along the way to reap better rewards. Among those is scalping, a trading strategy much-beloved by some with roots predating the cryptocurrency era. Yes bot profit is independent from base currency investment change.

I stress for people to wait for the base currency to come back up positive again before closing bots or there will be losses for sure. Its recommended and I plan on saying this at the start of every video I make from here on out. TokenTact could do a better job explaining this or showing it in such a way as to make it more user friendly so when a total Noob looks at it they say “oh okay I see now”.

The platform also gives you several ways to control your trades through a variety of market orders and exit strategies. You will need to have accounts set up at each exchange separately, meaning you will need to deposit funds into each platform. TokenTact is not licensed by any regulatory bodies, so do bear this in mind. Above all, what is impressive is that you can extract these portfolios into your system. You can customize and filter the reports to view and reflect on your trades on particular exchanges.

In fact, there are already hundreds of bots out there making money from the ideas described above. Additionally, trading is not free, and trading on several exchanges is even more so. The fees (think withdrawal, deposit, and trading fees) eventually accumulate and start eating into your profits. Firstly, crypto is renowned for its volatility compared to other markets, which makes profiting from price discrepancies easier. Secondly, crypto is available around the clock, offering more opportunities for traders to find profitable arbitrage deals. People in the crypto space (and, let’s be honest, everywhere else, too) are always looking for sure-fire tickets to make a buck quickly.