Through this article, you’ll find all you need to know about the gamble feature, and we will tell you how to use it to your advantage. Guess the colour is the most straightforward gamble feature with playing cards. You will be taken to a new screen when you activate the gamble feature. You then have to guess whether the next card drawn will be red or black.

However, some players feel that it would be a waste not to exercise an option that is provided, and perhaps their view is not wholly unjustified. Multi-hand video poker provides an opportunity to use the gamble game without going overboard. In multi-hand video poker and identical wager is placed for each hand played. Hence the total payout could very well be less than the total amount wagered. For example if the total wager is $1 and the total payout is $0.5 the player can stake the payout of $0.5 in the gamble game.

Gamble feature

The aim is, and always has been, to help even the most inexperienced players gain their footing in this exciting industry. The Your gamble feature sets you in control of how much you stand to win when taking the gamble option. To enjoy the feature responsibly, you can set limits for deposits and losses, which may lead to small wins, but will keep you protected.

Archer from Playtech is one of the online slot machines to play and trigger split symbols. Like wilds, scatters are other common symbols in almost all slot games. These symbols help trigger bonus rounds like bonus games and free spins. A quick look at the pay table will highlight the number of scatter symbols you need to activate the feature. In most cases, you will need at least three scatters landing anywhere on the reels to activate the bonus rounds. Such symbols perform their role indifferently to where they appear on the reels – you usually don’t have to match them on paylines, thus the name scatters.

You can also opt for low volatility slots as they pay often, but the payout is insignificant. A RNG is used to ensure that playing slots are fair and random for everyone. However, in games with expanding symbols, the width and height of symbols may change during gameplay. This special symbol type is actually two or more wilds joined together. They can cover entire reels in some scenarios but will generally stretch to no more than five stacked wilds at once.

Whether playing the gamble feature on slots is worth it or not depends on the type of gambling experience you want. If you wish to utilise the gamble feature on the slot you are playing is entirely your choice. While the most popular gamble feature involves guessing the colour of a card, there are several other types of gamble features.

The mechanic sees the reels modified randomly and changes the number of symbols appearing on a given spin, giving you more ways of winning. The cluster pays feature is such that the winning combinations formed activate in clusters. It debuted on the Aloha slot from NetEnt and differs from the usual left-to-right and vice versa mechanism while forming same-symbol combinations. The thing here is to land symbols adjacent to each other, meeting one of the four corners. Still, software providers constantly add innovative features like Megaways, cascading reels, and bonus buy to remain competitive while making gameplay exciting to slot lovers.

  • Despite this, there’s no foolproof strategy, and players should always approach the gamble feature as an entertaining risk.
  • Additionally, Vikings Unleashed Megaways has a gamble feature which you can play before the potential free spin bonus round.
  • While the feature is active, you will play the game normally and claim payouts as usual.
  • This is because guessing the suit correctly every time is highly unlikely.

Here, you will have several modifiers to boost your winnings further. As highlighted, the pay table provides every piece of information you need on the slot. The information ranges from the symbols and their value, features and how to activate them, bet limits, max payout, and information like RTP and volatility. Thus, if you have a limited budget, the pay table would help you to identify the best low-volatility slots. On the other hand, the hold feature activates after a spin and holds a reel in place as the others spin.

A captivating continuation of the legendary Book of Ra slot, the Deluxe version catapults players into the heart of ancient Egypt. Following the footsteps of an intrepid explorer, players unravel hidden mysteries of the pharaohs and divine pyramids. Rich in graphics and filled with hieroglyphic symbols, this game creates an immersive atmosphere that draws players into its spinning tales of golden treasures and ancient curses. To trace the origins of the Gamble Feature is to embark on a journey through time, observing the ever-evolving landscape of gambling. The essence of ‘gambling’ – the act of risking something valuable in the hope of gaining more – has been ingrained in human history for millennia. Dice games in ancient civilizations, betting on gladiator bouts in Roman arenas, or wagering on the outcome of a coin toss have all encapsulated this primal allure of risk and reward.