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Information and the background of the Law Firm

The business or services offered is advocacy. Under the Legal Profession Act 1976, only those qualified and enrolled as an Advocates and Solicitors of the High Court of Malaya can provide advocacy services in Peninsular Malaysia.

Generally, they are referred to as an Advocate and Solicitor and can handle either a criminal or civil case in the court of law. For the purpose of practicing as an Advocates and Solicitors, the qualified person must be employed by a legal firm or a law firm registered with the Bar Council.

In line with the objectives, a law firm with the name and business trade, S M Nasir Hussaini & Co has been registered and established on 2nd of April 2007. From its establishment and until todate, it has two managing partners, namely Mr. Sheikh Mohd Nasir Bin Sheikh Mohd Sharif and Mr. Hussaini Bin Hussin.

At the material time, Messrs S M Nasir Hussaini & Co which is located at 1-08-02, Worldwide @ 7, Jalan Lazuardi 7/29, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan and its Johor branch located at 62b, Jalan Lembah 19 Bandar Seri Alam, 81750 Masai, Johor Darul Takzim currently have two (2) Senior legal assistant (lawyers), five (5) legal assistant (lawyers), six (6) executives, four (4) pupils (trainee/chambering), and one (1) presentation clerk. It is our practice that subject to the availability of working position in our law firm and the pupils performance in the work or training, we will employ pupils as our legal assistant.

After more than fourteen (15) years founded, the law firm has gained immense opportunities in the legal industry and was given opportunity by the customers or clients in business expansion. In order to gather opportunities, the managing partners intend to develop and expand the legal firm’s business with current requirements and needs.

Organization Chart

Vision & Mission

It is our vision and mission to value integrity, professionalism, total commitment, excellence in quality, competitiveness for all task that we are involved in and we hope a strong relationship with our clients, we can achieve this vision and thus provide excellent and efficient legal services to our clients.

Our firm will undertake a conflict check before accepting any brief. The firm will not act if there is any conflict of interest. We shall ensure that solicitor and client confidentiality be preserved at all times. The firm prohibits the disclosure of any information obtained in the course of work to any party without the prior consent of the relevant parties.

Marketing methods through ICT through the website is one of the requirements. In addition, methods of marketing through advertising in an approved platform approved by the bar council is also suitable and will be worked out.